Stage 2

80Km +1500M

GPS route – Unmarked route

18 February 2024
Start time: 10:00
Sant Gregori
Màx. time 6h
2 segments
  • Start: Sant Gregori
  • Finish:Sant Gregori
  • Obligatory material: it is the responsibility of the participant to decide to use the material recommended by the organization.
  • Recommended equipment: glass or drum, mobile phone, thermal blanket, windbreaks and everything necessary to deal with the sudden changes in weather due to the climate emergency we are in.
    * Remember that refreshments are without glasses.
  • Distance and altimetry
    Real distance: 80k
    Positive incline: +1500m
    Acumulated incline: 3000m
    Maximum altitude: TBD
    Minimum altitude: TBD
  • Terrain
    80% track
    20% asphalt
  • First participant time: 3h 00m
    Limit time: 6h 00m (with start on 9:00)
  • Limit times (pas controls)
    Finish: 15:00 h
  • GPS navigation(not marked)

18 February 2024

  • Official gift
  • Environmental tax
  • Personalized BIB number
  • Timing and chip
  • Code Komoot to download the track
  • Online time
  • Online Photos
  • Pre-race feed zone (breakfast)
  • Feed zone on route
  • Finish feed zone
  • Wardrobe service
  • Assistance en route
  • Medical point
  • WC and shower
  • Car park
  • Motorhomes and camper parking
  • Bicycle washing area

* Remember that we do not provide any single-use containers for refreshments

  • Feed zone (on race): 3
    Av1. TBD
    Av2. TBD
    Av3. TBD
  • Finish feed zone
    Site:La Pineda de Sant Gregori
    Time: 15:00 h
  • Feed zone products
    Av1, Av2 i Av3: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, banana, orange, jelly beans, nuts, olives and quince. All free gluten.
    AvMETA: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, beer, coffee, banana, orange, nuts, olives, potato omelette (all gluten free), pasta and rice.
  • Individual categories
    • Absolut
      No binary

    * It will be essential to be present at the award ceremony to receive the trophy, medal or gift.

    • There will be a start box for the first 20 men and 20 women who were first at last year’s race. There will also be spots for the first 10 men and 10 women from the Pas Normal Studios Chrono (Sant Miquel).Regulations